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Unique Museums For Your Next Date Near Vantage Collection

Whether you’re meeting someone new or you’ve already spent a lifetime together, a date to a museum can be one of the best ways to learn new things about both the world and the special someone. Here are three museums near Vantage Collection to try on your next date.

Liberty Science Center

Well regarded as one of the best science museums in our region, Liberty Science Center as a great place to spark your interest and learn all about the “power, promise and pure fun of science technology.”

Learn about the Hoberman Sphere, which was invented right here in Jersey City. Also check out The Dream Machine, an interactive, sensory adventure. To learn more about the many exhibits at Liberty Science Center, visit their website.

Color Factory

At Color Factory, visitors are invited to experience the joy of color through interactive installations, immersively beautiful rooms and curated moments, all of which are photogenic and bound to catch the eye of your Instagram followers. 

Color Factory works with artists, non-profits, art institutions and brand partners to tell compelling stories bound to bring a little joy into any date. Learn more at colorfactory.co


If you or your date have ever wanted to be James Bond or feel like Ethan Hunt of Mission Impossible, Spyscape is the perfect place to visit. In the 007 Spyscape exhibit, you and your date will be immersed in projection-mapping and larger than life installations that bring you closer to Bond than most of us have ever been.

Beyond the 007 exhibit, you’ll discover amazing true stories and gadgets from original Enigma machines, U2 spy plane cameras, bugging devices and even the actual virus used to attack Iran’s nuclear program. Learn more at spyscape.com