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The New York Times: My Sister, My Neighbor

At the height of the pandemic, some siblings decided to move into the same building to create an instant safe bubble.

Stephanie Pellicano, 30, spent the better part of the pandemic trying to convince her sister, Jacqueline Pellicano, 32, to get an apartment in her building, a luxury rental along the Jersey City waterfront.

The younger Ms. Pellicano, worried that her sister’s living arrangement — with a roommate in another Jersey City building where other tenants did not seem to follow social distancing practices — was risky for their family. It would be better, she thought, if they were all together.

Jacqueline Pellicano resisted until last October, after her roommate contracted Covid-19 and she subsequently spent three weeks sleeping on her younger sister’s sofa. “But it worked. It just made life easier,” she said. “It was so nice to all be together and it kind of solidified it. OK yes, I do want to be here.”

By November, she was living in a studio at the Vantage, a two-tower complex where apartments start at $2,215 a month.

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