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Staying In? 3 Jersey City Restaurants that Deliver to Vantage Collection

What’s for dinner?

If you aren’t feeling like using your full sized Vantage Collection kitchen tonight, well we’ve got a few ideas in mind for you and your family. Jersey City has some of the best delivery options around and here are some of the best.

Ghost Truck Kitchen

The creator of Ghost Truck Kitchen had one “simple mission,” to make takeout and delivery better. And with higher quality ingredients, more creative options and eco-friendly packaging, GTK has hit the nail on the head.

Ghost Truck Kitchen has everything from, eight different kinds of wings, to five mac and cheese options. They also have some of the most creative bowls in town, like the Island Bowl, which brings together Organic Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Turmeric Coconut Rice, Seasonal Organic Vegetables. Visit Hellogtk.com for more.

The House of Hot Chicken

If it’s fast food you’re craving, might we recommend Jersey City’s House of Hot Chicken.  Here you’ll find a better version of Chik-Fil-A’s chicken nuggets and strips, and you’ll also find chicken sandwiches that rival Popeye’s. 

Not a fan of spicy food? Not to worry! Customers can adjust their heat level with every order, choosing from Naked, Mild, Medium, Hot and Extra Hot. https://thehouseofhotchicken.com/

Saigon Cafe

Of course, if American food isn’t what you’re looking for. Jersey City’s Saigon Cafe has been described as the “cute cozy spot with friendly service and, more importantly, delicious food.”

Serving from a seven page Vietnamese menu, Saigon Cafe serves up everything from noodle entrees, to seafood, deserts and more. Visit Saigoncafejc.com for more.