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How to Staycation this year at Vantage Collection 

Planning a vacation at home this season? Taking a staycation at Vantage Collection is incredibly easy. 

Here are three things to include in your staycation planning at Vantage Collection.

Indulge In Self Care

While the hustle and bustle of traveling can complicate your focus on self-care and taking care of the mind, body, and soul, when you staycation in Jersey City, you have easy access to not only try new forms of self-care but also to set yourself within a new self-care routine. Whether you’re hoping to find your happy place at a new gym, or find new healthy dining spots, it’s all here just outside your door. 

Pool Days

Depending on where you are located at Vantage, residents have their choice of the West pool or the East pool. Both feature lounge seating with waterfalls, but in between dips in the pool, be sure to hang out on the green lawns, basketball courts and other amenity spaces here at Vantage Collection. Learn more about pool days at Vantage Collection.

Nights Life

Planning a night out in Jersey City is easy. The hard part is deciding what you and your friends would like to do. Thankfully, we have lots of options in mind. Here are some of our favorite spots by activity:

Local Jazz Clubs

Small Music Venues

Night Clubs

Cocktail Bar