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Fit for Fall: Explore Jersey City’s Gyms, Fitness Studios and CrossFit Boxes

Have a fitness goal you’re working hard to reach? Jersey City has a lot of options when it comes to local gyms. Here’s a look at some of the best gyms in Jersey City.


If there’s one thing most members at Base can agree on it’s that, “this was the best decision” they’ve made in a long time. A centerpiece of downtown Jersey City, Base caters to fitness enthusiasts of all types. Whether you’re interested in mind-body Yoga programs, high-energy Zumba classes, weight training, working with a personal trailer or just a cool place to do cardio, Base will celebrate 10 years in Jersey City in 2023. Learn more about Base in Jersey City.

Maximum Motion Fitness

If the bigger gyms are really your thing, you may be more interested in Maximum Motion. A more boutique fitness center with a focus on yoga, health of the mind and personalized training, Maximum Motion Fitness offers Zumba, Dharma Yoga, Pilates, and a range of sculpt classes focused on arms, abs and the full body. Learn more about Maximum Motion Fitness.

CrossFit Jersey City

If you don’t call it a gym and instead refer to the place you work out as simply, “this box” then CrossFit Jersey City is the right place for you. This box is highly recommended especially if you are new to Jersey City. Why? Because may CrossFit “boxes” have something the larger gym’s don’t — a community of weight lifters, models and athletes who interact in the gym and on social media, supporting each other on their fitness journeys.

At CrossFit Jersey City, their motto is “Be proud of you.” Learn more about CrossFit Jersey City.

Vantage Collection Fitness Center

Of course, if you’d rather not leave home, our rooftop fitness center is surrounded by the lush green gardens on our rooftop. Paired with city views and a fully stocked gym, it’s easy to understand why so many residents have dropped their gym memberships all together, opting for the simple design and easy-to-access Vantage Collection Fitness Center. Learn more about our amenities at Vantage Collection.