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How to Focus on Self Care in Jersey City This 2023

We did it! The year 2022 is in the books. Now, to plan for the year ahead. What do we want to accomplish? What has been lacking in life thus far? Here are three ways to focus on self care in Jersey City in 2023.

Find Your Happy Place at the Gym in 2023

If it’s a fitness journey you seek in 2023, look no further than our blog about finding your happy place at the gym that fits you. Depending on whether you’re looking for a place to lift weights, take classes, or join a CrossFit community, there are a lot of incredible options when it comes to fitness near Vantage Collection. Of course, the Vantage Collection Fitness Center can match just about any local gym, both in equipment and community so be sure to stop by in 2023. Learn more about finding your gym near Vantage Collection.

Add Juice to Your Life

It’s hard not to fall in love with these three juice bars. Juice Basin, Berri Berri Smoothies and Juice Bar, and Nature’s House are each worth checking out in their own right. But check out our blog about adding a little juice to your life to find out which one you’ll want to visit first. Add Juice To Your Life with These Jersey City Juice Bars.

Join the new Local Barre Social Club

Sorry, guys! This last one is for the ladies only. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Hoboken’s new and hottest social club for women.

Local Barre Social Club opened earlier this month but is already attracting a lot of local women focused on self care and personal growth. Local Barre Social Club is a community where women of any age can visit and know their health needs will be met, even if they are not necessarily sure what those needs may be. Featuring nanny services, private workspaces, barre classes and a truly impressive list of amenities, be sure to visit Local Barre Social Club in January 2023. Learn more about Local Barre Social Club.