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Did You Know? Interesting Facts to Share With Friends About Jersey City 

Jersey City is an incredibly unique city. Not only do we have access to city’s like New York, New Haven, Philadelphia and more, we are also a place filled with interesting people, places and destinations.

So when a friend asks, “What’s so special about Jersey City?” Here are some interesting facts to share about Vantage Collection’s homecity, Jersey City.

You can travel from Jersey City directly to the Florida Keys by bike

Cyclists, rejoice! Jersey City is a part of the East Coast Greenway Trail, a 3,000 mile trail system that links 25 major cities from Maine to Florida through a single trail system linking together firm surface trail systems.

Shaq, Martha Stewart, Sinatra, Snooki have lived in JC

That’s right. Shaq was raised right here in Jersey City while Martha Stewart still lives here. Frank Sinatra lived in the city at the start of his career and even MTV’s Jersey Shore spin-off “Snooki & JWoww” was filmed here.

About that Rock ‘n’ Roll Ban

Believe it or not, for a short period of time in the 1950s, Jersey City Commissioner Lawrence Whipple actually banned Rock ‘n’ Roll music in the city. But artists and musicians can say they had the last laugh. Today, Jersey City is ranked as the 10th most artistic city in America by The Atlantic Monthly. 

The Colgate Clock

Featured on Jersey City’s shoreline, the neon red Colgate clock is actually the fourth largest clock in the world with a diameter of 15.24 meters. 

Oldest Town in New Jersey

Not only is Jersey City the second most populated city in New Jersey (Okay, Newark, okay), we are also the oldest town in the state, founded in 1660 by Bergen Square.