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3 Foods Unique to Jersey City

If there’s one thing we take seriously in Jersey City, it’s food. 

That’s because New Jersey has some of the most unique and iconic foods in the region that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you haven’t tried one of the foods on this list, we encourage you to put in an order immediately. 

So grab a plate and prepare to eat! Here are three foods you simply have to try in Jersey City.

Pork Roll

Sure we love bacon but in Jersey City, the go-to breakfast meat is none other than pork roll. Created in 1856 by John Taylor, Pork Roll is a pork-based meat product similar to sausage in many ways but with a far different taste. 

Pork roll is usually pan-fried or grilled with a nice sear and goes well as a breakfast side or as part of a sandwich.

Salt Water Taffy

If you have ever been to a Jersey Shore boardwalk, you’ve likely run into Salt Water Taffy shops. While this soft taffy candy isn’t actually made with salt water, it does come in a variety of interesting flavors like vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and just about any flavor one could imagine. 

Tomato Pie

If you are new to Jersey City, the term Tomato Pie is likely confusing. No this is not your classic baked pie, similar to apple pie but substituted with tomatoes. No, tomato pie is tastier. 

Tomato pie is an old New Jersey take on pizza. Thinly stretched down is brushed with garlic and grated mozzarella. Then, the best part, tomato sauce is the topping, which can be sweet or savory. While some pies are eaten cold, Jersey City tends to prepare tomato pies hot with a blackened crust.