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Why Living Dogs Love Living at Vantage Collection

Calling all dogs and puppies at Vantage Collection!

Did you know that when your owner-parents moved in, they opened a world of exciting walks, pets and pampering just for you? It’s true! Vantage is incredibly focused on our residents’ pets. Why? Because we know that you parents didn’t just move here for them, they moved here for an elevated lifestyle and they had you in mind too.

Here are three ways puppy parents can spoil their dogs at Vantage Collection.

Take a Walk

We know you love to take your owner for walks and when you live at Vantage Collection, you and your owner have access to world-class neighborhoods and parks. Stop by Liberty State Bark… er… Park, and on your way home, ask your owner to stop in at one of your favorite pet shops like Hound About Town.

Grab a Treat When You Come Home

Did you know that you can earn a little treat when you’re well behaved at Vantage Collection?

After your walk, remind your owner to stop by the front desk at Vantage and show them your best trick to earn a treat.

Wash Up For Dinner

Now that you and your owner have broken a sweat and earned your treat at the front desk, it’s time to be pampered. Ask your owner to take you to one of Vantage Collections Dog Washing Stations and enjoy a nice wash to clean that coat at the end of the day.

Now that you’re clean, it’s time to relax with your owner-parents and enjoy a nap with a view of Jersey City. Good dog!