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3 Ways to Read About Jersey City

Jersey City may seem like a normal city but dive into the literary world and you’ll find our city is home to heroes, detectives and a lot of history!

‘Moodswings to Murder’

In fact, we have our very own hometown author in Jane Isenberg, author of books like “Moodswings to Murder,” “Hot on the Trail” and “Death in a Hot Flash.”

Here’s the synopsis from “Moodswings to Murder.”

Fifty-something New Jersey community college professor Bel Barret has had enough “changes of life” lately to last her a lifetime. Her daughter has cheerfully announced her pregnancy and her impending marriage in a single e-mail. Her son has come back home to find himself, but all he’s found so far is the TV remote. Even a romantic stroll covering the Hoboken waterfront with live-in love Sol can do nothing to stabilize Bel’s menopausal mood swings–especially when they stumble across the corpse of a stranger in the night who turns out to be…Frank Sinatra?

Ms. Marvel

Did you know that Jersey City has its own superhero? 

That’s right! Fictional Marvel character Kamala Khan has been protecting Jersey City under the guise of Ms. Marvel ever since that terrigen mist gave her inhuman powers. 

Jersey City even has its own Fandom Wiki page where you can read about what Jersey City has seen in the Marvel Universe.

‘Images of Jersey City’

Of course, if you really want to get to know Jersey City, it’s very easy to dive into the multiple short history books available, including from the Images of America book series, “Images of Jersey City.” 

Old photos of Jersey City with easy-to-read and interesting photo captions take the reader on a journey through the city’s past, providing readers with a better idea of how this great city developed into the bustling hub it is today.

Have you read a book that mentions Jersey City? Tell us about it in the comments below.