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A Guide to the Pool Day Experience at Vantage Collection

As the weather heats up in Jersey City, there’s simply no better place to be than by one of Vantage Collection’s two luxury pools. Unlike other apartments, Vantage Collection’s pool days aren’t just another day under the sun. Instead, it’s an experience.

Here are a few tips to having an incredible pool day experience at Vantage Collection.

Step 1 – Choose Your Pool

Depending on where you are located at Vantage, residents have their choice of the West pool or the East pool. The only real difference between the two is where the sun is. So if you’re hoping to get an early tan, head over to the East Pool as the sun rises and the West Pool as the sun goes down. While both get exceptional sunlight throughout the day it’s really nice to have a choice of which pool you would like to visit on a given day.

Step 2 – Remember: Pool Days Aren’t Only About the Pool

Remember, pool days aren’t only about swimming. In between dips, be sure to work up a sweat on a green lawn or on our full basketball court with a view of Lady Liberty in the background. Beyond sports, work on your Resident Garden planter and then get back in the pool and cool off under a waterfall.

Step 3 – Grill Time

Of course, if you really want a complete pool day, you really have got to grill. Choose from one of 12 BBQ Stations with gas grills, private, reservable tables and a 360 degree view of New York City, there’s just no better place to be at the end of a day by the pool. After dinner, relax in tiered seating overlooking the Statue of Liberty and remember, you’re living in a place like nowhere else and this is just the beginning.